Dr VRE research laboratories private limited is a health care research enterprise. 

Our operational areas are:


  1. Novel differentiated pharmaceutical formulations development
  2. Novel nutraceutical and or Herbaceuticals development
  3. Novel differentiated cosmoceutical development
  4. Consulting and medical advisory services to the pharma/Nutra/cosmoceutical/herbal businesses that are into either formulation development, NME/NBE development, manufacturing and marketing strengths
  5. New applications of IT and bioinformatics tools into the heath care delivery and management.

What do we do?

  1. We develop ‘new & differentiated products’ from the ideation stage to finished dosage form stage. We ‘license-out’ our products to leading marketing organizations to be sold under their brand names. In turn we receive ‘royalty’ on sales.
  2. We also undertake advisory services to leading manufacturing or marketing or integrated pharma/health care IT companies and facilitate their product development, newer segments to focus, regulatory filings medical positioning and brand building.
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About Us

We are a team of research scientists, physicians, business development and strategists, management experts and information technologists.

The team is led by our founder and managing Director. Founded in the year 2009, the organization has been quietly investing and creating novel solutions in our areas of focus.

Our business model is heavily focussed on strong ideation and identification of an unmet medical need.

We have always believed that “Great ideas are often simple to understand”... “A battle that is well thought through is half fought through”...

We invest in robust ideation and clear planning of execution. We have successfully running collaborations with numerous stake holders across the globe such as preclinical research facilities, geography specific IPR consultants and experts, sourcing agencies, formulation development laboratories, branding and business development experts and venture capitalists and financial institutions.

All efforts are directed towards developing and outlicensing novel differentiated product solutions in the below areas: 1) Pharmaceuticals 2) Nutraceuticals 3) Herbaceuticals 4) Cosmoceuticals 5) Health care information technology.

"We envision ourselves to be a valuable solution provider to unmet medical needs at all times. We will always remain approachable, simple and straight forward to all our stake holders. Our culture promotes openness, freedom to contribute, encourages risk taking and creativity. We are extremely conscious about being responsible, responsive and reliable." 



Consulting services

Our founder, Dr R Ezhil Arasan, has been our great source of strength. His experience in pharma industry spans over 35 years and is extensive in most spheres of pharmaceutical organization. He has very intensive experience of drug development and science led marketing. During his career he has created various blockbusters and he is known for his sound ideations. Some of his profound ideas have become the foundations for India’s leading brands and have opened up a number new markets, market segments and novel health care solutions.

It is quite natural that his strengths are sought after by science led ethical marketing organizations. He is a strong believer and practitioner of high values and ethics that sets him apart in the Industry.

He advises a number of pharma, Nutra and biotechnology on areas of new product ideations, IPR, regulatory, cross border collaborations, technology due diligence and marketing. His clients are mostly from India, USA, Malaysia and Japan and belong to some of these sectors:


  1. Pharma(both NCE companies and branded formulations)
  2. Nutra(both Ingredients developers and novel formulations developers)
  3. Investment agencies/ M&A advisories.
  4. Regulatory agencies of emerging markets
  5. Academic/health care institutions with research capabilities.


We invite any of the enterprises engaged in business in the above geographies and sectors to approach us. We work on principles of confidentiality, non circumvention and sound ethical principles. Our ethical and working standards are of amongst the best anywhere in world.



Business services

We undertake the following business services: 

1) Market segment study, new market entry strategy, India market entry and establishment strategy: We help multinationals and Indian business houses in identifying “products for a market” and “markets for a product” We help them build business right from preparation of a business case to full execution depending on the client’s requirements.


2) In Licensing & Outlicensing services: On account of our global network and extensive collective experience in the world of science and technology, we have good access to several “differentiated product development organizations” across the globe. Our collaborative network works across North America, Japan, Western Europe including the UK and India. We have successfully introduced biotech, biomedical device technology, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals products in several geographies.


3) Regulatory services: We undertake regulatory services and dossier submissions for the USA and India markets. We help in clinical trials planning and execution, Bio equivalence/ Bio availability studies. We engage such CRO’s under our supervision and we do not own any BA/BE set up.

4) Product positioning and medical communications: On account of leadership position in this service, we help in developing positioning statement, promotional literature development, scientific writing, medical communication and medical training.

5) Pharmacovigilance: Our PVG experts’ team are engaged in collating, PSUR and ADR reporting services. We have senior experts who can help companies establish their own PVG team or work with our clients as outsourced PVG team.

6) Clinical trial designing and BVD support: The clinical trial designing is an important fundamental that decides on the clarity of an outcome. A right planning prevents loss of resources and unnecessary drugging or investigations. On account of our decades of experience and expertise in this arena, we undertake such planning work and help both the clinical research organizations and the developing pharma/Nutra companies derive maximum value. We have successfully carried out studies across the globe and have supervised a number of studies over these years. Our unique “Best Value Decision” (BVD) support has saved a lot of resources both on costs and time. We are adept in the best practices of cGCP and GLP.



Other Businesses

Vemtowa Nutraceutical LLC:

Vemtowa LLC is a nutraceutical company that develops and markets nutraceutical products in the USA and out licenses its innovations to other countries. Based out of West Des Moines Iowa, It operates under the brand name Super.bio and is a fast growing North American entity.
(www.vemtowa.com and www.superbioprobiotic.com)


RePharma International:

Repharma Intn’l is a dedicated herbal research, development and marketing organization based at Chennai. RePharma applies modern pharmacology methods to integrate the observed clinical and experimental benefits of ancient well known herbs in the Indian traditional system of health care with the established methods of drug development. The goal is to enable the practice of ‘evidence based medicine’ to use those worthy herbs. It has begun to substantially enrich the therapeutics and nutritionals with plant based compounds. (www.repharmainternational.com)


Mirus genomics Pvt Ltd:

MGPL is a start-up that would be operating in the field of genetics & genomics. At its first stage, it would be carrying out Gene Testing and Family Tree Services and has licences from Dr VRE Res.Lab for specific parts of India. The technology and the software needed are provided by Lamdadanets Inc Columbus, Ohio 43221 USA and had taken knowledge partnership agreement. Lambdanets Inc has invested in Global Determinants Inc., a company that has done pioneering work in genetics under the leadership of Richard Feldman. In future, there is a possibility for MGPL to license in DVRL’s Pharmacogenomics services.